class mp2p_icp::LogRecord


Details on an ICP run, loadable from the GUI tool mp2p-icp-log-viewer. More…

#include <LogRecord.h>

class LogRecord: public CSerializable
    // typedefs

    typedef std::size_t iteration_idx_t;
    typedef std::map<iteration_idx_t, DebugInfoPerIteration> IterationsDetails;

    // structs

    struct DebugInfoPerIteration;

    // fields

    metric_map_t::ConstPtr pcGlobal;
    metric_map_t::ConstPtr pcLocal;
    mrpt::math::TPose3D initialGuessLocalWrtGlobal;
    mp2p_icp::Parameters icpParameters;
    mp2p_icp::Results icpResult;
    std::optional<IterationsDetails> iterationsDetails;

    // methods

    bool save_to_file(const std::string& fileName) const;
    bool load_from_file(const std::string& fileName);
    static LogRecord LoadFromFile(const std::string& fileName);

Detailed Documentation

Details on an ICP run, loadable from the GUI tool mp2p-icp-log-viewer.


metric_map_t::ConstPtr pcGlobal

The ICP input global and local point clouds:


bool save_to_file(const std::string& fileName) const

Saves the record object to a file, using MRPT serialization and using on-the-fly GZIP compression.


true on success.

bool load_from_file(const std::string& fileName)

Loads the record object from a file. See save_to_file()


true on success.

static LogRecord LoadFromFile(const std::string& fileName)

Static method alternative to load_from_file(). Throws on any error.


The loaded object.