struct mp2p_icp::Parameters


ICP parameters. More…

#include <Parameters.h>

struct Parameters: public CSerializable
    // fields

    uint32_t maxIterations {40};
    double minAbsStep_trans {5e-4};
    double minAbsStep_rot {1e-4};
    bool generateDebugFiles = false;
    std::string debugFileNameFormat =         "icp-run-$UNIQUE_ID-local-$LOCAL_ID$LOCAL_LABEL-"         "global-$GLOBAL_ID$GLOBAL_LABEL.icplog";
    bool debugPrintIterationProgress = false;

    // methods

    void load_from(const mrpt::containers::yaml& p);
    void save_to(mrpt::containers::yaml& p) const;

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ICP parameters.

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uint32_t maxIterations {40}

Maximum number of ICP iterations to run.

double minAbsStep_trans {5e-4}

If the correction in all translation coordinates (X,Y,Z) is below this threshold (in meters), iterations are terminated (Default:1e-6)

double minAbsStep_rot {1e-4}

If the correction in all rotation coordinates (yaw,pitch,roll) is below this threshold (in radians), iterations are terminated (Default:1e-6)

bool generateDebugFiles = false

If true, debug files useful to inspect how ICP works internally will be generated and saved to disk for posterior inspection with a GUI.

The same mp2p_icp::LogRecord object saved to disk will be also returned by ICP::align().

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std::string debugFileNameFormat =         "icp-run-$UNIQUE_ID-local-$LOCAL_ID$LOCAL_LABEL-"         "global-$GLOBAL_ID$GLOBAL_LABEL.icplog"

Generated files format, if generateDebugFiles is true.