struct mp2p_icp::SolverContext


Defines the context of a solver within the successive ICP iterations.

#include <Solver.h>

struct SolverContext
    // fields

    std::optional<mrpt::poses::CPose3D> guessRelativePose;
    std::optional<mrpt::poses::CPose3D> currentCorrectionFromInitialGuess;
    std::optional<mrpt::poses::CPose3D> lastIcpStepIncrement;
    std::optional<mrpt::poses::CPose3DPDFGaussianInf> prior;
    std::map<const Solver*, std::map<std::string, std::any>> perSolverPersistentData;
    std::optional<uint32_t> icpIteration;


std::optional<mrpt::poses::CPose3DPDFGaussianInf> prior

Optional prior guess of the SE(3) solution, including a mean value and an inverse covariance (information) matrix, i.e. zeros in the diagonal mean that those prior coordinates should be ignored, a large value means the solution must be close to those coordinates.