class mp2p_icp::Matcher_Points_DistanceThreshold


Pointcloud matcher: fixed distance thresholds.

Finds point-to-point pairings between the local and global input metric maps.

By default, each local point layer is matched against the layer with the same name in the global map, unless especified otherwise in the base class member weight_pt2pt_layers. Refer to example configuration YAML files for example configurations.

#include <Matcher_Points_DistanceThreshold.h>

class Matcher_Points_DistanceThreshold: public mp2p_icp::Matcher_Points_Base
    // fields

    double threshold = 0.50;
    double thresholdAngularDeg = 0.50;
    uint32_t pairingsPerPoint = 1;

    // construction

    Matcher_Points_DistanceThreshold(double distThreshold);

    // methods

    virtual void initialize(const mrpt::containers::yaml& params);

Inherited Members

    // structs

    struct TransformedLocalPointCloud;

    // fields

    uint32_t runUpToIteration = 0;

    // methods

    virtual void initialize(const mrpt::containers::yaml& params);

    virtual bool match(
        const metric_map_t& pcGlobal,
        const metric_map_t& pcLocal,
        const mrpt::poses::CPose3D& localPose,
        const MatchContext& mc,
        MatchState& ms,
        Pairings& out
        ) const;

    virtual void initialize(const mrpt::containers::yaml& params);


virtual void initialize(const mrpt::containers::yaml& params)

Parameters :

  • threshold : Inliers distance threshold [meters][mandatory]

  • pairingsPerPoint : Number of pairings in “global” for each “local” points. Default=1. If more than one, they will be picked in ascending order of distance, up to threshold. [optional].

Plus: the parameters of Matcher_Points_Base::initialize()