struct mp2p_icp::PairWeights


Relative weight of points, lines, and planes. They will be automatically normalized to sum the unity, so feel free of setting weights at any convenient scale.

#include <PairWeights.h>

struct PairWeights
    // fields

    double pt2pt = 1.0;
    double pt2ln = 1.0;
    double pt2pl = 1.0;
    double ln2ln = 1.0;
    double pl2pl = 1.0;

    // methods

    void load_from(const mrpt::containers::yaml& p);
    void save_to(mrpt::containers::yaml& p) const;
    void serializeTo(mrpt::serialization::CArchive& out) const;
    void serializeFrom(mrpt::serialization::CArchive& in);


double pt2pt = 1.0

Weight of point-to-point pairs. Note that finer control of weights can be achieved with Pairings::point_weights, so this pt2pt field will be honored only if Pairings::point_weights is empty.

double pt2ln = 1.0

Weight of point-to-line pairs.

double pt2pl = 1.0

Weight of point-to-plane pairs.

double ln2ln = 1.0

Weight of line-to-line pairs.

double pl2pl = 1.0

Weight of plane-to-plane pairs.