class mp2p_icp::Solver_OLAE


ICP registration for points, planes, and lines. Refer to technical report: XXX

#include <Solver_OLAE.h>

class Solver_OLAE: public mp2p_icp::Solver
    // fields

    WeightParameters pairingsWeightParameters;
    uint32_t runFromIteration = 0;
    double runUntilTranslationCorrectionSmallerThan = 0;

    // methods

    virtual void initialize(const mrpt::containers::yaml& params);
    auto& declaredParameters();
    const auto& declaredParameters() const;
    ParameterSource* attachedSource();
    const ParameterSource* attachedSource() const;

Inherited Members

    // fields

    uint32_t runUpToIteration = 0;
    bool enabled = true;

    // methods

    virtual void initialize(const mrpt::containers::yaml& params);
    virtual bool optimal_pose(const Pairings& pairings, OptimalTF_Result& out, const SolverContext& sc) const;


WeightParameters pairingsWeightParameters

Weight and robust kernel parameters associated with the low-level optimal pose estimation algorithms


virtual void initialize(const mrpt::containers::yaml& params)

Check each derived class to see required and optional parameters.