struct mp2p_icp::OptimalTF_GN_Parameters


#include <optimal_tf_gauss_newton.h>

struct OptimalTF_GN_Parameters
    // fields

    bool verbose = false;
    uint32_t maxInnerLoopIterations = 6;
    double minDelta = 1e-7;
    double maxCost = 0;
    std::optional<mrpt::poses::CPose3D> linearizationPoint;
    PairWeights pairWeights;

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uint32_t maxInnerLoopIterations = 6

Maximum number of iterations trying to solve for the optimal pose

double minDelta = 1e-7

Minimum SE(3) change to stop iterating.

double maxCost = 0

Maximum cost function; when reached, stop iterating.

std::optional<mrpt::poses::CPose3D> linearizationPoint

The linerization point (the current relative pose guess)