struct mp2p_icp::Results


#include <Results.h>

struct Results
    // fields

    mrpt::poses::CPose3DPDFGaussian optimal_tf;
    double optimalScale = 1.0;
    size_t nIterations = 0;
    IterTermReason terminationReason {IterTermReason::Undefined};
    double quality = 0;
    Pairings finalPairings;

    // methods

    void serializeTo(mrpt::serialization::CArchive& out) const;
    void serializeFrom(mrpt::serialization::CArchive& in);
    void print(std::ostream& o) const;


mrpt::poses::CPose3DPDFGaussian optimal_tf

The found value (mean + covariance) of the optimal transformation of “local” wrt “global”.

double optimalScale = 1.0

Found scale (if supported by the underlying algorithm) for optimal_tf

size_t nIterations = 0

The number of executed iterations until convergence

double quality = 0

A measure of the ‘quality’ of the matching. Different modules are available to evaluate the quality in ICP_Base.

Pairings finalPairings

A copy of the pairings found in the last ICP iteration.


void print(std::ostream& o) const

Print all results in human-friendly format to the given output, for example, use std::cout.