class mola::OfflineDatasetSource


Virtual base for offline dataset sources

#include <OfflineDatasetSource.h>

class OfflineDatasetSource
    // methods

    virtual size_t datasetSize() const = 0;
    virtual mrpt::obs::CSensoryFrame::Ptr datasetGetObservations(size_t timestep) const = 0;
    virtual bool hasGroundTruthTrajectory() const;
    virtual trajectory_t getGroundTruthTrajectory() const;

// direct descendants

class Kitti360Dataset;
class KittiOdometryDataset;
class MulranDataset;
class ParisLucoDataset;
class RawlogDataset;
class Rosbag2Dataset;


virtual size_t datasetSize() const = 0

Number of different time steps available to call getObservations()

virtual mrpt::obs::CSensoryFrame::Ptr datasetGetObservations(size_t timestep) const = 0

Returns the set of observations available for the given time step.

virtual bool hasGroundTruthTrajectory() const

Returns true if a groundtruth is available for the vehicle trajectory.

See also:


virtual trajectory_t getGroundTruthTrajectory() const

If hasGroundTruthTrajectory() returns true, this returns the dataset groundtruth for the vehicle trajectory.

Note that timestamps for datasets are not wall-clock time (“now”), but old timestamps of when original observations were grabbed.

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