class mola::WorldModelData


A serializable data container for all WorldModel data (i.e. More…

#include <WorldModel.h>

class WorldModelData: public CSerializable
    // structs

    struct EntitiesContainer;
    struct FactorsContainer;

    // fields

    std::string map_name_;
    std::unique_ptr<EntitiesContainer> entities_;
    entity_connected_factors_t entity_connected_factors_;
    std::shared_mutex entities_mtx_;
    std::unique_ptr<FactorsContainer> factors_;
    std::shared_mutex factors_mtx_;
    mola::fast_map<id_t, mrpt::Clock::time_point> entity_last_access_;
    std::shared_mutex entity_last_access_mtx_;

Detailed Documentation

A serializable data container for all WorldModel data (i.e. a “map”)


std::string map_name_

Arbitrary map name, used as directory prefix for saving to disk, for example. It is populated at ctor with the date and time.

std::unique_ptr<EntitiesContainer> entities_

All keyframes, relative and absolute poses, calibration parameter sets, etc. that can be stored in a world model. Indexed by a unique id_t;

std::unique_ptr<FactorsContainer> factors_

All observations, constraints, etc. as generic “factors”. Indexed by a unique fid_t;