class mola::KittiOdometryDataset


RawDataSource from Kitti odometry/SLAM datasets. More…

#include <KittiOdometryDataset.h>

class KittiOdometryDataset: public mola::RawDataSourceBase
    // methods

    virtual void initialize(const Yaml& cfg);
    virtual void spinOnce();
    std::shared_ptr<mrpt::obs::CObservationPointCloud> getPointCloud(timestep_t step);

    std::shared_ptr<mrpt::obs::CObservationImage> getImage(
        const unsigned int cam_idx,
        timestep_t step

    timestep_t getTimestepCount() const;

Inherited Members

    // structs

    struct SensorViewerImpl;

    // methods

    virtual void spinOnce() = 0;

Detailed Documentation

RawDataSource from Kitti odometry/SLAM datasets. Each “sequence” directory contains these sensor streams:

  • image_0 & image_1 : A grayscale stereo camera pair
  • image_2 & image_3 : An RGB stereo camera pair
  • lidar : Velodyne 3D LIDAR
  • Ground truth poses


virtual void initialize(const Yaml& cfg)

This should be reimplemented to read all the required parameters

std::shared_ptr<mrpt::obs::CObservationPointCloud> getPointCloud(timestep_t step)

Direct programatic access to dataset observations