struct mp2p_icp::render_params_points_t


Used in metric_map_t::get_visualization() More…

#include <render_params.h>

struct render_params_points_t
    // fields

    bool visible = true;
    render_params_point_layer_t allLayers;
    std::map<layer_name_t, render_params_point_layer_t> perLayer;

Detailed Documentation

Used in metric_map_t::get_visualization()


bool visible = true

If false, all other options are ignored and no points will be rendered.

render_params_point_layer_t allLayers

Used only if perLayer is empty, this defines common parameters for all layers.

std::map<layer_name_t, render_params_point_layer_t> perLayer

If not empty, only the layers defined as keys will be visible, each one with its own set of parameters.