struct mola::LidarOdometry::Parameters


#include <LidarOdometry.h>

struct Parameters
    // structs

    struct ICP_case;

    // fields

    double min_time_between_scans {0.2};
    double min_dist_xyz_between_keyframes {1.0};
    double min_rotation_between_keyframes {mrpt::DEG2RAD(30.0)};
    double min_icp_goodness {0.4};
    double min_icp_goodness_lc {0.6};
    unsigned int full_pointcloud_decimation {20};
    double voxel_filter_resolution {.5};
    unsigned int voxel_filter_decimation {1};
    float voxel_filter_max_e2_e0 {30.f};
    float voxel_filter_max_e1_e0 {30.f};
    float voxel_filter_min_e2_e0 {100.f};
    float voxel_filter_min_e1_e0 {100.f};
    double min_dist_to_matching {6.0};
    double max_dist_to_matching {12.0};
    double max_dist_to_loop_closure {30.0};
    unsigned int loop_closure_montecarlo_samples {10};
    unsigned int max_nearby_align_checks {2};
    unsigned int min_topo_dist_to_consider_loopclosure {20};
    unsigned int max_KFs_local_graph {50000};
    std::map<AlignKind, ICP_case> icp;
    int viz_decor_decimation {5};
    float viz_decor_pointsize {2.0f};

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double min_time_between_scans {0.2}

Minimum time (seconds) between scans for being attempted to be aligned. Scans faster than this rate will be just silently ignored.

double min_dist_xyz_between_keyframes {1.0}

Minimum Euclidean distance (x,y,z) between keyframes inserted into the map [meters].

double min_rotation_between_keyframes {mrpt::DEG2RAD(30.0)}

Minimum rotation (in 3D space, yaw, pitch,roll, altogether) between keyframes inserted into the map [rad here, degrees in the yaml file].

double min_icp_goodness {0.4}

Minimum ICP “goodness” (in the range [0,1]) for a new KeyFrame to be accepted during regular lidar odometry & mapping

double min_icp_goodness_lc {0.6}

Minimum ICP quality for a loop closure to be accepted

unsigned int full_pointcloud_decimation {20}

Size of the voxel filter [meters]

double min_dist_to_matching {6.0}

Distance range to check for additional SE(3) edges

int viz_decor_decimation {5}

Generate render visualization decoration for every N keyframes