struct OLAE_LinearSystems


The systems built by olae_build_linear_system. The system is: “M g = v”.

However, if the solution is near the Gibbs vector singularity (|Phi|~= pi) we may need to use the alternative systems built by the “sequential rotation method” [shuster1981attitude].

(Refer to technical report for details)

struct OLAE_LinearSystems
    // fields

    Eigen::Matrix3d M;
    Eigen::Matrix3d Mx;
    Eigen::Matrix3d My;
    Eigen::Matrix3d Mz;
    Eigen::Vector3d v;
    Eigen::Vector3d vx;
    Eigen::Vector3d vy;
    Eigen::Vector3d vz;
    Eigen::Matrix3d B;


Eigen::Matrix3d B

Attitude profile matrix