struct mp2p_icp_filters::Generator::Parameters


#include <Generator.h>

struct Parameters
    // fields

    std::string target_pointcloud_layer =             mp2p_icp::metric_map_t::PT_LAYER_RAW;
    std::string process_class_names_regex = ".*";
    std::string process_sensor_labels_regex = ".*";
    bool throw_on_unhandled_observation_class = false;

    // methods

    void load_from_yaml(const mrpt::containers::yaml& c);

Detailed Documentation


std::string target_pointcloud_layer =             mp2p_icp::metric_map_t::PT_LAYER_RAW

The point cloud points layer name where the observation will be loaded. Default: “raw”

std::string process_class_names_regex = ".*"

Sensor observation class names to process. Default = “.*” (any). Example: use “mrpt::obs::CObservation2DRangeScan” if you only want 2D lidar scans to be processed.

std::string process_sensor_labels_regex = ".*"

Sensor labels to process. Default = “.*” (any). Examples: “LIDAR”, “FRONT_KINECT”, “LIDAR_.*”