class mola::EntityBase


Base class for all “entities” in the world model More…

#include <EntityBase.h>

class EntityBase: public CSerializable
    // fields

    mola::id_t my_id_ {mola::INVALID_ID};
    mrpt::Clock::time_point timestamp_ {};
    annotations_data_t annotations_;

// direct descendants

class EntityRelativeBase;
class LandmarkPoint3;
class RefPose3;

Detailed Documentation

Base class for all “entities” in the world model


mola::id_t my_id_ {mola::INVALID_ID}

The unique ID of this entity in the world model. Stored here for convenience, notice that it is redundant since entities are already stored in the WorldModel indexed by ID.

mrpt::Clock::time_point timestamp_ {}

Entity creation timestamp

annotations_data_t annotations_

See annotations_data_t