Application: icp-log-viewer

Debug ICP pipelines as never before!

How to launch

Once mp2p_icp is installed, move to the directory where your *.icplog files have been stored and run:

Complete command line argument help

  icp-log-viewer  [--autoplay-period <period [seconds]>] [-l <>]
                  [-f <log.icplog>] [-d <.>] [-e <icplog>] [--]
                  [--version] [-h]


  --autoplay-period <period [seconds]>
    The period (in seconds) between timestamps to load and show in
    autoplay mode.

  -l <>,  --load-plugins <>
    One or more (comma separated) *.so files to load as plugins

  -f <log.icplog>,  --file <log.icplog>
    Load just this one single log *.icplog file.

  -d <.>,  --directory <.>
    Directory in which to search for *.icplog files.

  -e <icplog>,  --file-extension <icplog>
    Filename extension to look for. Default is `icplog`

  --,  --ignore_rest
    Ignores the rest of the labeled arguments following this flag.

    Displays version information and exits.

  -h,  --help
    Displays usage information and exits.

GUI and feature explanation

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