struct mola::rhodes::OccGrid::InsertionParameters


#include <OccGrid.h>

struct InsertionParameters
    // fields

    float maxDistanceInsertion = 50.0;
    float maxOccupancyUpdateCertainty {0.65f};
    float maxFreenessUpdateCertainty {.0f};
    float maxFreenessInvalidRanges {.0f};
    bool considerInvalidRangesAsFreeSpace {true};
    uint16_t decimation {1};
    bool wideningBeamsWithDistance {false};

Detailed Documentation


float maxDistanceInsertion = 50.0

The largest distance at which cells will be updated [m]

float maxOccupancyUpdateCertainty {0.65f}

A value in the range [0.5,1] used for updating cell with a bayesian approach (default 0.8)

float maxFreenessUpdateCertainty {.0f}

A value in the range [0.5,1] for updating a free cell. (default=0 means use the same than maxOccupancyUpdateCertainty)

float maxFreenessInvalidRanges {.0f}

Like maxFreenessUpdateCertainty, but for invalid ranges (no echo). (default=0 means same than maxOccupancyUpdateCertainty)

bool considerInvalidRangesAsFreeSpace {true}

If set to true (default), invalid range values (no echo rays) as consider as free space until “maxOccupancyUpdateCertainty”, but ONLY when the previous and next rays are also an invalid ray.

uint16_t decimation {1}

Specify the decimation of the range scan (default=1 : take all the range values!)

bool wideningBeamsWithDistance {false}

Enabled: Rays widen with distance to approximate the real behavior of lasers, disabled: insert rays as simple lines (Default=false)