struct mola::WheelOdometry::Parameters


#include <WheelOdometry.h>

struct Parameters
    // structs

    struct OffPlaneNoiseModel;

    // fields

    double min_dist_xyz_between_keyframes {1.5};
    double min_rotation_between_keyframes {mrpt::DEG2RAD(30.0)};
    OdometryPlanarUncertaintyModel noise_model_planar;
    OffPlaneNoiseModel noise_model_vertical;

Detailed Documentation


double min_dist_xyz_between_keyframes {1.5}

Minimum Euclidean distance (x,y,z) between keyframes inserted into the map [meters].

double min_rotation_between_keyframes {mrpt::DEG2RAD(30.0)}

Minimum rotation (in 3D space, yaw, pitch,roll, altogether) between keyframes inserted into the map [rad here, degrees in the yaml file].

OdometryPlanarUncertaintyModel noise_model_planar

SE(2) components of odometry Gaussin uncertainty model. Refer to: