struct mola::ASLAM_gtsam::Parameters


#include <ASLAM_gtsam.h>

struct Parameters
    // fields

    StateVectorType state_vector {StateVectorType::Undefined};
    bool use_incremental_solver {true};
    int isam2_additional_update_steps {0};
    double isam2_relinearize_threshold {0.1};
    int isam2_relinearize_skip {1};
    std::string save_trajectory_file_prefix {};
    bool save_map_at_end {true};
    double const_vel_model_std_pos {0.1};
    double const_vel_model_std_vel {1.0};
    double max_interval_between_kfs_for_dynamic_model {5.0};

Detailed Documentation


StateVectorType state_vector {StateVectorType::Undefined}

See StateVectorType

bool use_incremental_solver {true}

Use iSAM2 (true) or Lev-Marq. (false)

int isam2_additional_update_steps {0}

iSAM2 additional update() steps. Set >0 to fasten convergence, at the cost of more processing time for each timestep

double isam2_relinearize_threshold {0.1}

iSAM2 relinearize threshold. Refer to iSAM2 docs

int isam2_relinearize_skip {1}

iSAM2 relinearize skip. Refer to iSAM2 docs

std::string save_trajectory_file_prefix {}

Saves the overall optimized trajectory at the end, in different file formats, if !=”” (default:”“)

bool save_map_at_end {true}

Save map at end of a SLAM session. See WorldModel::map_base_directory() to see where maps are stored by default and how to change it.

double const_vel_model_std_pos {0.1}

Const. velocity model: sigma of the position equation (see paper)

double const_vel_model_std_vel {1.0}

Const. velocity model: sigma of the velocity equation (see paper)